State Police records show more than 12,000 crashes in the express lanes in Miami-Dade County in the past three years and that doesn’t count the jerks who don’t get caught. The FDOT spends $1 million a year replacing damaged and missing plastic poles and that may be why it costs more when it’s busier.

It sometimes looks like the three stooges re-creating the San Francisco car chase scene from Bullitt.

Local 10 News ‘discovered’ many drivers are ignoring the poles and driving right over them. I hope they didn’t pay for that research.

The Florida Dept. of transportation has announced it will replace all the delineating posts on the I-95 HOV lanes. The new poles will be of sturdy construction, placed 5 feet apart instead of ten and every 8th pole will be solid steel.

“Steel poles are one way we can discourage lane changers” said Bill Rafferty, reality check supervisor for the D.O.T. “Of course our insurance package will need upgrading as well.”

If this doesn’t work we’ll fix it so once you enter, you can’t exit until somewhere in Georgia.

FDOT spokeswoman Tish Burgher said “If people obey the law and drive the speed limit, it is perfectly safe and the Sun revolves around the Earth.”