When you think about popular and fast-growing sports, lacrosse may not be the first thing that enters your mind. Surprisingly, though, this is the fastest growing sport with more and more people getting interested in it each year.

And, whether they play high profile lacrosse game with the best heads or small neighborhood games with makeshift equipment, the fact remains that lacrosse is growing and growing rapidly!

One of the reasons that lacrosse is growing is the fact that, unlike so many other sports of its type, it is actually attracting more and more female athletes. This is quite a feat in today’s world when many women feel intimidated about taking on a mostly male sport.

However, while other traditionally male-dominated sports struggle to make females feel welcome and to garner their interest, lacrosse has regularly been seeing a marked and pronounced increase in female participants of various ages. In fact, as recently as 2013, the sport saw a 19% increase in female players.

Another reason for the rapid growth of lacrosse in recent years is the fact that more and more people are becoming educated on and fascinated with its rich history. This amazing sport dates all the way back to the 1500s and was believed to have originated within Native American tribes. That’s pretty amazing, and thanks to the internet making this information more widely available, more and more people are developing an interest in and a passion for the sport.

Something else that has helped lacrosse to grow is the fact that it has gone from being a sport mainly played in the northeast to a sport that is popular just about everywhere. After all, the sport is very universal in that it doesn’t require any special terrain or special weather conditions to be played. And, while the sport has seen large booms just about everywhere since 2009, it has become particularly popular in both the south and the northwest. Who knows where it will go next!?

Of course, it also doesn’t hurt that lacrosse teams themselves are quiet large. Modern day lacrosse requires ten players to be on the field per team at all times, so, with ten players per team and more and more teams popping up all over the globe, it is no wonder that the sport is growing so fast. It just makes sense!

Another factor that has contributed to lacrosse’s growth is the fact that this is a sport that can be played by people of all ages. There are teams for young children and even for adults. By far, however, the sport has seen its most rapid growth among high school students.

Now, students who couldn’t find their “niche” with another sport or who just wanted to try something different seem to be turning to lacrosse and claiming it as their passion. And word and trends tend to spread quickly among people of this age, which definitely helps to contribute to the growth of the sport.

Finally, it certainly doesn’t hurt that lacrosse is the national sport of Canada. And, while the biggest growth is in the United States, this is probably due to the fact that Canada gives the sport so much coverage. With technology as it currently is, it’s much easier to get information about the popular sports of other countries, which can then contribute to growth and popularity for a previously little known sport, which is exactly what seems to have happened with lacrosse.

As you can see, lacrosse is definitely growing, and it’s growing for a number of reasons. And, fortunately for lacrosse lovers everywhere, that growth doesn’t give any signs of stopping or even of slowing down. In fact, lacrosse could be the world’s favorite sport in just a few years. Regardless of how popular it does or does not get, however, this will always be a sport that holds a special place in the hearts of many.