Before buying lace front wigs for black women, it pays to know a little bit about how they are made and to understand the terminology used in marketing wigs. When you know what all the terms mean, you are able to make a more informed decision when buying your wig. The two types of wigs are those made using real human hair and synthetic wigs. The main difference between these two is synthetic wigs are less expensive, and wigs made with real human hair are more natural-looking, and are usually easier to style.

Another term you find when shopping for lace front wigs for black women. Lace wigs from BestHairBuy are made by tying strands of hair to a lace base. The knots are bleached to make the wig appear more natural. The bases come in a variety of colors to match different skin tones. A well made lace wig has the appearance of natural growing hair. Many lace wigs are custom made. It takes approximately six weeks to make a custom wig. Lace wigs that are pre-made are called stock wigs.

Typically, real hair wigs for black women are made from hair of Indian or Chinese women. When you have a wig custom made, you can have texture added to the hair according to your preference. Stock wigs come in a variety of textures.

Women often don’t understand why wigs are so expensive. It takes about 70 to 90 hours to make one lace wig. This is a lot of labor power, and that is where the majority of the cost of a wig goes. Some of the most expensive wigs for black women are called “Remy hair”. This hair is minimally processed, leaving it soft, full of body and very easy to style. The care with which the hair is cut from the donor and the quality of the hair contributes to the price of Remy hair wigs.

There are many different types of adhesives to help you hold your wig in place. Finding the best one for you is simply a matter of trial and error, because each type of adhesive responds differently to the wearer. One way to experiment is to purchase a pack of several different adhesives and determine which worked the best. Be sure to clean your scalp thoroughly before reapplying adhesive and the wig.

Wigs last indefinitely if they are well cared for. Wigs are not a substitution for hair maintenance, and can require more care than your own hair. Read and understand all the care instructions provided by your wig maker, and adhere to their advice. If you care for your wig properly, it can last for many years.

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