Let’s talk about Kyani, what it is, its business plan, the products it markets and the people behind it. We hope to do a good analysis to determine if a legitimate MLM or if on the other hand could be another scam.

As the fashion, these days are fraudulent Internet businesses that disguise themselves as legitimate multilevel and in the end, they end up as pure Ponzi systems or sell products of very poor quality it is logical to do a good research before presenting an opinion or deciding to invest time and Money in any company.

It is good to look for your background: founders, time in the market, problems you have had, complaints, negative news, see the testimonies of people (more than those who have left that of those who are doing the business), etc. Personally, I like to look for the latest news and negative comments since almost always speaking good of a business give you your affiliate link!

What is Kyani? What Are the Founders and How Does the Business Work?

Kyani is a multi-level health and wellness company and business. Kyani means strong medicine in Tlingit. Headquartered in Idaho Falls, Idaho, Kyäni Inc. was founded in 2005 by current CEO Michael Breshears and Dick Powell with a combined $ 300 million investment. The company was officially launched in 2007.

According to data the company has a solid economic base since the financing of the same is with equity. This multi-level has no debts or investment problems, so that whenever they manage to continue selling in sufficient quantity to make it profitable we see no threat in the short or medium term. It is a financially stable company.

Kyani is located within the DSA or Direct Selling Association

The Direct Selling Association is the national trade association of leading companies that manufacture and distribute goods and services that are sold directly to consumers. Among its more than 240 active and outstanding members there are companies that sell either through a method of group presentations or traditional person-to-person style. Multi-level news appointment.

This is considered a leader in the promotion of standards oriented to consumer protection and information about the network marketing industry. It is highly recommended that anyone interested in investing in a multilevel business investigates whether this is in the DSA.

The company claims to have a whole set of products in the health area, these are marketed directly under the motto that they are created to defend, repair and maintain in good condition each of the cells in the body.

The main products of Kyani are the following:

1- Kyani Sunrise.

2- Kyani Sunset.

3- Kyani NitroFX.

All the details (including descriptions, prices, and countries in which you can buy) of these and other products of Kyani have been presented in an earlier post that you can visit in the link that I left at the beginning of this paragraph.

Cost of membership packages in Kyani:

1- Basic

1 box of Sunrise + 1 Sunset + 1 Nitro Fx 8 Pack + 1 Business Guide by 517. 60000 COP = 155,28 USD, you earn 100 points.

2- Builder

2 Boxes of Sunrise + 2 Sunset + 2 Nitro Fx Bottles 56ml + 2 Boxes Nitro Fx 8 Pack + 4 Packages 7 Days + Diamond Dreams Club + Agenda + Business Guide for 1,531,600.00 COP = 459,48 USD, you earn 500 points.

3- Business

Package 5 boxes Sunrise + 4 Sunset + 4 Bottle Nitro Fx 56ml + 5 Boxes Nitro Fx 8 Pack + 4 Packages of 7 days + Diamond Dreams Club + Agenda + 1 Business for 2,711,600.00 COP = 813,48 USD, you earn 700 points.

Kyani Compensation Plan

Very different from other MLM companies. It consists of a payment plan based on the construction of three lines or legs in which the distributors can build the amount of which they wish or can create.

There is a total of 4 basic components at the doors of payments:

1- Customer program: where you receive between 20-30% commission for purchases made by your customers.

2- Recruitment bonus (first initial bonus): as the name indicates, the affiliate and team receive a payment for their efforts aimed at getting new people into the business.

3- Accumulator Kyani Payment Doors: this calculates commissions multiplied by each of the legs. This allows multiple payments for the same volume of affiliates.

4- Equalization of generation checks: This profit consists of the payment of up to 9 generations in your tree of sponsorship. If it’s true you can get people into the business, you can make a lot of money.

Our opinion of Kyani

Our opinion is that it looks like a good multilevel business. We do not have reasons or evidence to think that it is a fraudulent business (and that almost always the businesses that we analyze turn out to be a great scam), apparently, it pays regularly so it is ruled out all suspicion of being Scam.

Note: By saying that it is a good multilevel business or that we have no evidence that it is a fraud. This does not mean that the business is for everyone. If you know how to sell, you have the capital and you are determined to work hard for the time that is necessary and you like to market this type of products, then Kayani is for you.