This 15 year old renovated home on a plot of 15 cents entirely follows a Kerala Style of architecture blended with modern touch. There are 4 bedrooms in the house and all of these are have been decorated in earthy colours. Marble flooring, wooden ceiling and intricately carved wooden cabinets and dressing tables, to these elegantly decorated spaces.

Land Area: 12 Cent

Built Up Area: 4290sqft

Location: Palakkad

Design Style: Kerala Traditional

Kerala Traditional distinctive visual form of Kerala architecture is the long, steep sloping roof built to protect the house’s walls and to withstand the heavy monsoon, normally laid with tiles or palm leaves, supported on a roof frame made of hard wood and timber. The base Style: The most model is normally circular, square or rectangular plain shapes with a ribbed roof evolved from functional consideration. Most of Kerala buildings appear to low height visually, due to over-sloping of roofs, which are meant to protect walls from rains and direct sunshine. The interiors of Kerala style involves the use of wood work and engraving more to blend with a nice and soothing environment.

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