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Karl Smith works in Transformation on the leading edge of what business, customer and digital means, where it’s going and helping clients to understand what they need to do now, to still exist in a shrinking global marketplace. He is also involved in defining how an open IoT ecosystem will work with blockchain and AI avatars towards the massive economic and social change it will bring. He has been involved in Human-Centered Design as a catalyst for Transformation and Change in organisation, services, products and processes professionally since 1989. As a Strategist, Consultant and Architect; instructional designer, information architect, user experience architect and customer experience architect focused on customer engagement He works through Paradigm Interactions as an Interim Director and consultant in the fields of Digital Transformation and Strategy using Customer Experience as a catalyst for change and IoT, IoA, Smart Eco-System Experiences. He tends to be involved in M&A activities on the due diligence and verification side of what is being offered by a company. He also works on the integration strategy, service or product restructuring, key staffing and market proposition modeling. Lastly, he works on VC exit strategies for clients, directing a refocus of company activity, launch of new offerings using market insights and invention to get businesses in the right situation for exit. He is also one of the founders and directors of UCD UK Conferences in the UK which organizes a yearly conference on UCD. He is a Founder of The Human Centered Design Society and (Industry Members of The All-Party Parliamentary design & innovation group in Westminster) a Global Membership Organisation. He is a public speaker on subjects including Human Centered Design, Smart Technologies, Innovation, Smart Living, Internet of Things, Ubiquity.



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Interactive Technologies for e-Commerce

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Paradigm Interactions Inc.




Involved the the design of IoT3 a true ubiquitous system for Smart Living, the virtualization of human life and the digital interaction between virtual and real worlds. Working on security, sensors, data, analytics and human interaction technologies.

#GloCal SM a model for digital agency to digital consultancy to digital factory

GloCal SM stands for Global/Local Service Model and is to enable the integration of local digital agency capability with global consultancy organisation and global factory production for digital product definition, prioritisation and delivery while maintaining and growing governance, knowledge management and provides businesses with agility and rapid market entry. The following two diagram express the…

Innova8™ Innovation as a Catalyst for Change and Transformation

Innova8™ Innovation as a Catalyst for Change and Transformation Paradigm Interactions Inc. owns the worldwide rights to the innovation process Innova8™ developed by Karl Smith. The process outline (without critical details) was first published online in 2001. Innova8™ is a unique innovation technique that mashes counterintelligence techniques with human-centered design methods, clients, customers and creative…

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Karl Smith


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