At the VMA Awards, Kanye West announced his he will run for President in 2020. He’s a little late getting into the current clown car, isn’t he?

The mish-mash that is the Republican candidate can o’ worms regarding how far to the right they will travel for a positive response to their drivel would not really suit Kanye. As the far right knows, people of Kanye’s color overwhelmingly vote democratic which is why Republican led states across the country have instituted draconian laws and regulations that impinge not only people of color but students, the elderly and anyone they see as a threat to their ‘brand.’

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said he has heard “legitimate concerns” from voters about the need to strengthen security along the U.S. border with Canada, not just the Mexican border. Walker has ‘doubled down’ on Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall along the 1933 mile border with Mexico and have Mexico pay for it. The fence Walker is thinking about on the Canadian border would have to be a sizable 5525 miles.

Asked by NBC about the notion of building a fence along the Canadian border, the Republican presidential candidate said it’s an issue “for us to look at” during a Meet the Press interview. These are sound bites and none of the ideas can stand up to scrutiny.

Based on a USA Today study, most analysts attribute the steep drop of Mexican immigration in the last decade to the collapse of the U.S. housing market in 2006 and the recession which followed the financial crisis in 2008. It has been flat for almost 8 years and is a virtual non-issue, but one that rings the bell for those who don’t understand real facts.

The Alaskan border with Canada alone is over 1500 miles long and Canadians who have crossed it probably got lost in the snow and made a wrong turn. Illegals from many countries come to Canada with the intent of crossing over to the US.

If we follow the logic, we’d need to ‘super-patrol’ the 88,000 miles of US shoreline as well as checking on any para-trooping illegals from the air.

The average voter remains as seriously worried about illegal immigration as they are about Kanye actually running.

I'm sorry officer, I missed the last cut-off, am I good to go?

I’m sorry officer, I missed the last cut-off, am I good to go?