Question: How can a Justin Bieber super fan enjoy their Fontainebleau New Year’s Eve party?

Cough up $40,000 for a super-premium evening with the ‘Biebs’.

This party is bigger than passing third period calculus. It’s one of the more expensive too. General admission tickets are starting at $500 and shooting all the way up to $40,000 for a stage side private space that can hold up to 30 guests. (Technically speaking kids, it’s called a mosh pit, but it’s at the Fontainebleau and to justify the additional cost, they call it a ‘stage-side lanai with catering.’ The small print on the ticket may include the following. If Bieber decides to crowd surf, it’ll be an additional five thousand per person. If you let him drop, the rest of the audience will set up a ‘go fund me’ page for the law suit he’ll bring. If he ‘loses’ his pants during the ‘surf’ you’ll have to pony up for a psychiatrist to help eliminate the images from your head. If the monkey he left in Germany decides to attend the concert, you’ll have to allow it into your party. It’s in his contract.

What a deal! It breaks out to $1333 per guest. For that price you may even get ‘sweated on’ by the Biebs himself. For $50,000 you’ll be able to shout ‘hello’ to him as he leaves the stage and he’ll actually turn in your direction.