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As the Founder & CEO of CAREEREALISM Media, I'm a career and workplace advisor who specializes in curing chronic career pain. School teaches you everything EXCEPT how to get the job. And , since every job is temporary, I believe we need to learn the new rules to creating satisfying careers on our own terms.


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How I Leverage Intimidation

Gary V. wrote an interesting article recently on what motivates him to succeed. You can read it here. Basically, he psychs himself out of thinking he is successful. Here’s a quote by him: “…And I kind of stumbled on something this morning. I realized that even when I’m at my height, even when I’m most…

Anatomy of a Million-Dollar Idea

You have aspirations of being an entrepreneur. You’ve seen the movie, “The Social Network,” sixteen times. You daydream of being the boss while stuck sitting in a cube, held hostage by your employer at your dead-end job. You think to yourself, “All I need is the right idea… a million-dollar idea.” FACT: Million-Dollar Ideas Share…

Every Second of Every Day

Recently, a chain of experiences reminded me of something important: to find greater professional satisfaction, we should do our best to be mindful of every second of every day. First, I went on vacation and took the NY Times Bestseller book, “Thinking, Fast and Slow,” by Daniel Kahneman to read. I was captivated. When I…

15 Minute Career Boost

One of the habits I formed early in my career was a reading ritual. I love to read anything self-help based. It’s the Engineering Psychology major in me that enjoys thinking about ways to learn and grow. Reading Rituals Identify Social Currency In my CareerHMO program, I require all the members to set up a…

Pitbull the Career Coach

Last week, I caught a radio interview with Pitbull. Not “a pitbull,” but rather, “The Pitbull” – the internationally known singer who also goes by “Mr. 305,” and more recently, “Mr. Worldwide.” (How about that for some personal branding!?) Pitbull is One Insanely Positive Person What was immediately apparent in the interview with Elvis Duran…

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