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Hello, thanks for stopping by. I really hope you're looking for website traffic. But not just any traffic, of course. I hope you're looking for the type of traffic that makes your brand a hub for information. Information that helps people interact with you. I can help you find the right keywords, develop authoritative content, implement complex syndication processes, and anything else down the rabbit-hole of competitive search. It would be my pleasure. I consult for well established businesses with experience in outsourcing their SEO. If you send me your URL, I can prepare an initial report and discuss strategy with you, so please feel free to contact me for more information. HIGH-FIVE if you made it this far! I owe you one... I'll have to give you some free keyword research. I love to give away keyword research because I actually have fun doing it, don't ask me why. Send me your URL and I'll shoot you a link to an incredibly useful spreadsheet with money keywords and all their competitive data. That should keep you busy. Thanks again! Call (760) 583-0982 if you want to hot-rod your website.



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Datalink SEO is a data-driven digital marketing and SEO consulting firm in San Diego, CA. - Advanced keyword research projects - Content creation and promotion (at scale) - Web analytics and event tracking - A/b testing and UX design - Email marketing and funnel design - Social media management and monitoring - Reputation management and monitoring - Responsive web design and hosting - Cyber-security - Multi-lingual SEO - National and International SEO All the information you need to engage your audience is at your fingertips. All the tools to put that information to work are within your reach. First-page search results and engaged social media followers are just a call away. Build authority, have conversations, tell your story. Datalink SEO.

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Jose Delgado


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