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JASON NIK, M.S. Psychology, has devoted nearly half his life to the study of psychology. The writer for AskMen and fragrance connoisseur has applied this knowledge to everything he does, providing a profoundly unique and creative perspective in the fragrance world. Having extensively traveled the U.S. and abroad, Jason has studied vastly diverse people and cultures, granting him a distinctive and rare insight into psychology. As a child, traveling to Europe introduced him to the fragrant landscapes of Italy and France where the art of perfumery was established. That unforgettable experience would influence him in adulthood to begin his journey into fragrances. Studying the psychologically influential power a scent has on the human mind and body, Jason Nik has built a legacy as the foremost expert in fragrance psychology.


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Expert in Fragrance Psychology


I write about the best fragrances for men and women that are psychologically most suitable and desirable for any occasion.

Discovering the Scent of Mint

Mint can be chilly, peppery, and fresh. While it’s been in fragrances for many years, it has seen a resurgence in popularity since 2016. Here are 3 of the best mint scents worth discovering! Kryptomint by Mugler This 2017 release from Mugler opens with a mint chocolate accord. The intensity of the chocolate doesn’t last…

Discovering the Scent of Iris

Iris is a powdery, clean scent that has been used in fragrances since the ancient origins of perfumery. While the notes of iris have played a role in many fragrances, its popularity and prominence rose with the success of Dior Homme. The powdery nature of iris dominant fragrances often make them a genre that takes…

Discovering the Scent of Vanilla

How many times have people uttered the phrase “that’s so vanilla” to describe something that’s normal or conventional? The truth is vanilla isn’t very vanilla. That is to say, it’s not boring, rather it’s beloved by many. In fact, the joy and pleasure induced by the smell of vanilla is so high, it’s even considered…

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