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JASON NIK, M.S. Psychology, has devoted nearly half his life to the study of psychology. The writer for AskMen and fragrance connoisseur has applied this knowledge to everything he does, providing a profoundly unique and creative perspective in the fragrance world. Having extensively traveled the U.S. and abroad, Jason has studied vastly diverse people and cultures, granting him a distinctive and rare insight into psychology. As a child, traveling to Europe introduced him to the fragrant landscapes of Italy and France where the art of perfumery was established. That unforgettable experience would influence him in adulthood to begin his journey into fragrances. Studying the psychologically influential power a scent has on the human mind and body, Jason Nik has built a legacy as the foremost expert in fragrance psychology.


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I write about the best fragrances for men and women that are psychologically most suitable and desirable for any occasion.

Discovering the Scent of Tonka

Tonka beans are one of the most used notes in fragrances, however, just because its common does not mean it’s noticeable. In general tonka has been used in background roles rather than the star. When tonka is in the forefront, it smells like a warm, roasted vanilla accord with a hint of cinnamon sprinkled in.…

Discovering the Scent of Cinnamon

“People love cinnamon. It should be on tables in restaurants alongside salt and pepper. Anytime someone says, ‘Ooh this is so good, what’s in this?’ The answer invariably comes back ‘cinnamon.’ Cinnamon — again and again!” – Jerry Seinfeld, Seinfeld Cinnamon in fragrances may not get the same attention as other notes such as vanilla,…

Discovering the Scent of Oud

For centuries, oud has been a mainstay of Middle Eastern perfumery. Meanwhile only in the last decade had oud finally reached international popularity. Since then, not a year has gone by that this trending fragrance note doesn’t continue trending. That makes oud a note worth discovering.  There are two types of oud lovers in the…

Discovering Woodsy Scents

Wood is a mainstay in many fragrances, but its presence is almost always for the blend rather than being at the forefront. If you’re searching for a fragrance where the wood notes are prominent rather than all about the blend, I’ve found some of the most diverse scents of the genre to suit your lifestyle.…

Discovering the Scent of Leather

Over the past few years, leather has increasingly become one of the most popular notes in perfumery. But just because a note is popular doesn’t mean it’s always done right. In fact, while the good leather scents are plentiful, so are the bad. To help you sift through all the leather fragrances, I have found…

Discovering the Scent of Honey

The golden nectar of the gods — honey is a sweet, delectable scent note that varies from floral to syrupy. The addition of a honey note can either add bold character or brightly illuminate a fragrance. Its unique role in fragrances make it a note deserving of exploration. Here are 3 of the best honey…

Discovering the Scent of Amber

Amber is a unique note in fragrances because unlike for example vanilla or rose which can stand beautifully on their own, amber tends to be rougher around the edges and is best used to accentuate the blend. Whether you prefer something spicy, smooth, or rich there are some truly quality amber fragrances available today. Here…

Discovering the Scent of Mint

While mint has been in fragrances for many years — in 2016 this chilly, peppery, and fresh note saw a resurgence in popularity. Now with 2017 still in it’s infancy, it’s clear that mint notes will continue to be a star in the fragrance world. Here are 3 of the best mint scents worth discovering!…

Discovering the Scent of Iris

Iris is a powdery, clean scent that has been used in fragrances since the ancient origins of perfumery. While the notes of iris have played a role in many fragrances, its popularity and prominence rose with the success of Dior Homme. The powdery nature of iris dominant fragrances often make them a genre that takes…

Discovering the Scent of Vanilla

How many times have people uttered the phrase “that’s so vanilla” to describe something that’s normal or conventional? The truth is vanilla isn’t very vanilla. That is to say, it’s not boring, rather it’s beloved by many. In fact, the joy and pleasure induced by the smell of vanilla is so high, it’s even considered…

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