My passion lies in filmmaking, traveling and dancing.


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Yumi E.

My passion lies in filmmaking, traveling and dancing.


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4 Things Female Gamers Hate Hearing

The Interactive Games and Entertainment Association (IGEA) in Australia recently conducted a survey about Australia’s gaming habits. Despite the stereotype that the game-playing market is viewed as one dominated by men, the survey found that 47% of gamers were female. Female gamers are getting more common and we’re stealthily around you like ninjas – but…


China Investigating Qualcomm on Monopoly Claims

It’s official in China: Qualcomm is currently under investigation for abusing their competitive position to overcharge clients. It was stated in the China-run Security Times newspaper article that the giant, who is well known in making electronic chips for wireless communication, has been liaising with the local business regulatory National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC)…


Japanese Startup Seeks to Challenge Tesla

Tesla impressed the world when they released the first electric sports car. Now GLM’s Hiroyasu Koma is looking to challenge Tesla’s position from Japan. The manufacturing startup has managed to secure funding totaling to $6 million USD from Mitsubishi Capital, Globis Capital Partners as well as the Japanese governmental investment arm Japan Finance Corporation. This…


Your iPhone Might Be Spying on You

Be careful, iPhone users. There’s a trick that allows people to get hold of your information, even if you do not wish to give it to them. According to iOS exploitation expert Jonathan Zdziarski, there are several critical system files that will allow a third party to retrieve sensitive data like GPS location, contacts and…


Will Facebook Last?

The numbers says it all – with over 1.2 billion users, Facebook has created the phenomenon of the millennials. But will this scene last? At the end of the first quarter, analysts have estimated Facebook’s earnings to be at $2.36 billion USD, which may seem far from the end of Facebook. However, what is happening…


Israel vs. Hamas: It’s Getting Worse

Just 14 hours after the dismal fate of the passenger aircraft in Ukraine, Israel launched a ground offense initiative with support from the US and UK. President of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu said that the operation had to come in as ceasefire negotiations fell apart on Thursday night. Hamas was seemingly not adhering to terms agreed in…


Microsoft Plans on Closing Xbox Entertainment

Following Microsoft’s announcement that it is going to layoff 18,000 people, Microsoft plans to close Xbox Entertainment Studios in following months, bringing an end to the company’s efforts in creating original content for the Xbox platform. This decision allows Xbox to focus on its core video game business. Earlier this month, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella…

apple ibm

Apple Teams Up With Long Time Rival IBM

Apple announced an exclusive partnership with its long time rival, IBM on Tuesday, July 15th. In a statement released by Apple, it said that “The landmark partnership aims to redefine the way work will get done, address key industry mobility challenges and spark true mobile-led business change,” Apple wants to tap into IBM’s big data…

china mobile

iOS7 Possibly a Threat in China

While the up and coming Apple iPhone 6 is making its release in September this year, it may not be released in one of the biggest smartphones markets in Asia – China. Ma Ding, the director for Institute for Security of the Internet at People’s Public Security University, claims in an interview with CCTV that…

google glass

RIP Google Glass?

Google Glass wasn’t even mentioned at Google’s I/O conference this year and surely that’s a sign that Google Glass is dead, perhaps? Gfk recently conducted a survey in the UK, asking 1600 people to access demand for wearable technology such as Google Glass, and smartwatches like Nike Fuelband, Sony Smartwatch and Samsung Galaxy Gear. The…

Is Technology Poison?

Is Technology Power or Poison?

We have come far in the search for technology. From the era of Einstein where nuclear physics was born, till the current era of clean energy. However, there is a disturbing trend coming in. We have automatic household cleaners which go all around the house making sure it’s clean, and we might have cars that…


Phall of the Phablets?

The recent rise of the phablets (part phone, part tablet) can be pinpointed to the trend setting marketing strategy which led Samsung to take the lead in the smartphone arena – if one flagship product is not enough, make it two! This was seen starting from the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note, six months…

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