Note to Reader: If you haven’t read my original article on NOMOS Glashutte, you should do so before reading this article. I have not been compensated to write this review.

As the tech industry pushes into the watch industry (think Apple Watch), an interesting question arises as to how have traditional mechanical watchmakers responded?

What can they design and push to market that will resonate with younger consumers?

The noise about digital smart watches continues to grow louder. Yet at the same time, many watch companies are doubling down on their traditional watchmaking strategies.

To put the size of the industry in context, just one watch conglomerate – Swatch Group – has annual revenues of over $9 billion (yes, b for a billion). It’s a huge industry employing thousands of technical workers.

One of the companies that is celebrating (and doubling down on) mechanical watchmaking is NOMOS Glashutte, a traditional mechanical watchmaker in Germany has been causing waves over the last six months with it’s new watch model called Metro.

The design of the watch provides a look that celebrates urba modern in 2015, while staying true to its mechanical watch roots. The Metro sends a clear message to smart watches, almost seemingly saying: ‘I don’t care if you have a digital screen, I look better’.

The designer of the Metro watch, Mark Braun, is continuing to win awards for the creative and technical approach he took to the watch design. He has called the Metro ‘one of the youngest watches that NOMOS has ever released’, and I agree.

There is a lot of real and anecdotal evidence supporting the idea that even with the launch of smart watches, the mechanical watch making industry is not letting up.

In the case of NOMOS, there are rumors that the wait time to receive a Metro model after ordering is around 6 months (or more). This is for a quality mechanical watch that costs less than $4,000 – a bargain.

For Millennials looking to ‘be different’ with the barrage of smart watches hitting the market, a sophisticated mechanical watch worn by them seems to be saying: I do ‘Think Different’.

Suffice to say, the traditional watchmaking industry seems to be moving forward in full stride, alongside the Apple Watch (and others), and the 18-35 year demographic seems to clearly understand the difference between the two.