It is a million dollar question as the whole globe is yet to be sure about its answer. No one is exactly sure about the exact look, shape, and size of aliens or their characteristic. It is a mystery. According to many scientists there exists other living species in other planets like human species on earth. Since ancient times people have a concept of believing on unidentified objects termed as UFO.

By Intelligence Quotient

If you look back, then you can find that since the inception of the first protozoa till date to the most modern technological civilization of human race it took approximately 4 billion years to come to this stage. It is very unlikely that we will find another race of intelligent species at this stage of existence. Rather it is logical to say that with the passage of time people can develop machine minds like aliens.

By Probability

Though there is no proof of the fact that life exists ahead the Earth also. According to an estimate, about more than one trillion planets exists in the Milky Way itself. It may be possible that some of those may have undergone changes and has developed life. But there is no exact proof of the same. If the human race is the only intelligent species in this universe then, of course, it is miracle.

Signs of alien existence

Many are of the opinion to see UFOs in various parts of the world. Everyone speaks about their glimpse. Some people spotted the UFO at Austin Texas. They saw strange lights and illuminations in the night sky. After this, the American Meteor Society (AMS) acknowledged numerous anxious calls regarding the same. Some even capture these images in the phone video camera. Mostly the lights wherever found are bright, fiery and glowing.

By Logic

Since the ancient time, people are describing aliens or UFOs as an extra-terrestrials disc-shaped object hovering in the sky. Many scientists opine that even if aliens exist then also, they cannot be compared to human, but they must be like a machine or an electronic entity.

Few Important Questions

If aliens exist then they must be somewhere, then where are they? They can make their home at a star, another planet, an asteroid but everywhere an environment is needed to grow, but all life forms need something to increase from – something to bring them into existence and then keep them alive. They need an environment. So which is the planet? How will these UFOs or Extra-terrestrial Intelligence affect our world? That will be for betterment or degradation?

The Answer

Scientist and astronauts are always researching on the question that is it true that aliens exist? There is no straight answer to this question as many claims to observe unidentified objects but are not sure about its characteristics. Even the video clips show the only glimpse of light and fire. There are habitable planets, but no one can be sure that aliens exist there or at exist. It may also be possible that these unidentified objects are a part of the operational process of the galaxy that the humans are yet to discover.

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