The question of an alien’s existence has long existed since humans intrigue about the universe. The statement startles as well as thrills everyone till date. Some point out the apparent existence while some rebuff and mock the whole concept. There are people who even share anecdotes of their relaxed night time peregrinations. These include experiences of alien probes on the fields during the night. From mathematical probability to surreal reportings of sustainable sources, suggest the presence of the unknown. There are a string of varying opinions of people from various walks of life. Below are a few examples that pose an impact on these speculations.

Primordial evidence and unresolved sightings

It is extremely difficult to dismiss the classical evidence as opposed to recent phenomena. The presence of the painting of “The Madonna” depicts a disk-like hovering object. In the backdrop of Virgin Mary, the dog, and its master are found staring at it. This is not the only one that bears the evidence, in fact, there are many. There are depictions of alien life in the old paintings of the cave in Sanskrit. There is also a tiny mention in the Book of Ezekiel which denotes evidence. Many tangible sightings of the ufos throughout history bear testimony to the alien story.

Statistical Hypothesis of the present and past

In the 1960’s an astronomer devised the mathematical equation by which he could estimate the probability. By taking many factors into account, he prophesized that alien life exists. The first includes the count of an average number of planets that are capable of supporting life. The second was the fraction that can sustain intelligent life. In the present time’s scientist from NASA, Sir James Green points out evidence that is compelling. He devises 25 percent of the stars in the planetary system may bear life. He substantiates it by providing the TRAPPIST-1 system of the planets as the core evidence.

Planetary and Documental affirmation

The core requisites for supporting life are organic materials, liquid water, and energy source. Even methane which is an alternative to liquids is capable of supporting life. The propagators of the big bang theory are of the opinion that a massive explosion can create life components. The planet Mars also establishes the fact for an alien life. The Curiosity Rover of Nasa determined the existence of river beds and perchlorate in the organic matter. While there are many a president, who have released files that are classified on this subject. They have consistently been vocal on the existence of the innominate.

Human response to the debatable

The question that always lingered in your minds about the presence of extraterrestrials is debatable. There are different schools of thought. One that believes it from the bottom of their hearts and the other that writes it off as mere fantasy. Whatever it is, but the discovery of an unknown life form will surely make earth dwellers less unique. It may or may not provoke the sensation of cosmic modesty. Also, conversely if all the leading findings fail then planet earth shall always remain in genuine. The pale blue single dot will always be the last of its kind where life emerged. All of you shall be of galactic as well as global significance. After all, whatever is not seen commonly is condemned to be alien.

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