McDonald’s revealed its latest menu item, but you’ll have to travel far for a taste. The Golden Arches will serve the McChoco Potato to its Japanese customers. The dish consists of french fries drizzled with two different chocolate sauces. The fast food giant wanted to roll out the new taste in England but the way brits love chocolate they would have to add too much and then it would have to be called chocolate with a side of fries.

In other news…..

Joshua James is facing charges of aggravated assault after throwing an alligator through a drive-thru window at a Wendy’s.

Mr James found the 3 foot gator on the side of a road and lured it into the back of his truck with the promise of a Chihuahua.

He then went to the restaurant where he placed an order at the drive-thru window, and threw the 3ft long animal through the opening screaming “I said I wanted a ‘Baconator’ not an ‘alligator’!

The animal, confused at first, looked up at the menu board and ordered the ‘Hot N’ Juicy Triple.’ It then tried to pay with two small amphibians but the person working the window called for the manager who said to the best of his knowledge amphibians were not legal tender. When asked by the crew person to define ‘legal tender’ he called his supervisor who backed him up by saying “Look, we’re running a restaurant here, not an English class.”

He also faces charges of unlawful possession and transportation of an alligator and heaving a creature, which could only happen in Floriduh!

Can I get some chocolate drizzle on THAT?

Can I get some chocolate drizzle on THAT?