Two of the biggest Hard Trends right now are around organizations moving their data into the cloud and the very real increase in online security threats we face on a daily basis. The fear of suffering a data breach or even data loss is unthinkable; it’s what keeps most CEOs awake at night.

Network security is only as strong as its weakest link, and many are discovering that insecure application programming interfaces (APIs) are their Achilles heel. This is where we are starting to see a new wave of digital disruption as conflicts are forcing a change in the technology landscape.

On the flipside of this virtual coin, the majority of security products out there do not have APIs. This makes it troublesome to apply effective security to data and areas that their software is unable to reach.

Meanwhile, businesses that are looking for cost-effective solutions are attempting to walk away from the world of hardware, operating systems and application licensing by migrating their data into the cloud. These everything-under-one-roof solutions pass the biggest responsibilities to one company and rightly or wrongly assume that company will look after the safety and security of their data.