Every good conspiracy theory is like a coin — it has two sides. On one are the diehard believers who are convinced theirs is the truth and on the other, the equally stubborn opponents.

Conspiracy theorists are digging their teeth into a recent one that seems to have deadly consequences. At least, that is the implication of several stories circulating on the internet recently.

While the reports are disturbing, doctors are reaching out to writers because of the relatively recent spate of deaths of holistic physicians.

U.S. News and World Report that 11 holistic doctors in America have been killed or missing and 29 were poisoned with banned amphetamines at a health conference in German where a criminal investigation is underway.

None of them were known to have any life-threatening health issues. Many people are wondering: What is the link?


Everyone learned in grade school about the immunity system that plays a crucial role in aiding the body as it resists and fights disease. That basic fact has become ground zero in an increasing controversy that includes everything from quackery to conspiracy to murder.

GcMAF, also identified as “vitamin D binding protein” is thought by many to have great promise in therapy for autism, cancer, chronic fatigue and Parkinson’s. A critical component of life, the body’s immune system won’t perform without it. GcMAF is found naturally in the blood and stimulates the immune system to help destroy cancer cells and viral invaders. Working by blocking the supply of nutrients that feed cancer cells, research has shown that it can also help by reducing the effects of a variety of neurological diseases.

Dr. Jeff Bradstreet

The use of GcMAF in autism treatment was a key part of research by Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, a controversial anti-vaccination “specialist”.

Bradstreet, a cleric-turned-doctor was a prominent voice in the anti-vaccine movement, claimed an 85 percent success rate in using GcMAF to treat autism spectrum disorders. In June Bradstreet’s clinic was linked to the deaths of five children in Europe, the same day that Bradstreet died.

Found deceased of a single gunshot to the chest, local law enforcement suggested suicide. Bradstreet’s family members think otherwise and continue to cry foul believing there is much more to the story. An online fundraiser has raised just over $40,000 which will be used to investigate the circumstances of Bradstreet’s death.

Bruce Hedendal and Baron Holt

Three days after Bradstreet was found, chiropractors Hedendal and Hold were found dead, separately.

No cause of death was officially determined, but a news report by North Carolina NBC affiliate reported that both men died of natural causes.

Both men were typical, locally practicing chiropractors. Neither were connected to national media or controversies.
Teresa Sievers and Lisa Riley

Dr. Sievers, of Bonita Springs, FL was killed by blows from a heavy object in her home in June 2015. No arrests have been made, but investigators told local media that several leads are being pursued.

Sievers was a holistic doctor. Her website uses phrases like “ancient discipline” and “quantum energy”. Investigators have found no link between Sievers and the FDA.

Continuing investigation revealed that her husband, Mark Sievers orchestrated the murder with friends. Sievers is on trial now in Florida.

Riley died at the hands of her husband as well. Her husband, Yathomas Riley — a boxer known in boxing rings as  “Terrible Thomas the Punisher” — was jailed for her death. In 2010, he was accused of attempted murder following an incident where he shot his then-girlfriend in the head — the same method by which Dr. Riley, an emergency room physician, was killed. No trial date has been set for “Terrible Thomas.”

Riley, like Sievers, had no connection to the FDA.
The Hernandez Party

Four Mexican physicians disappeared while traveling in the Mexican state of Guerrero; the same state where 43 missing student teachers rocked Mexico in TK. The group has become known as “The Hernandez Party” because of one of its members — Dr. Marvin Hernandez.

The four men were traveling in Guerrero where drug cartels and vigilante forces rule. Murders and kidnappings are common, so it is possible the men were either taken for ransom or caught in drug war crossfire.

The group vanished June 19 and police found their vehicle the next afternoon near Xalapa. The car was riddled with bullets from an AR15 assault rifle, the tires shot out and the seats covered in blood.

Nine days later, State Attorney General Miguel Ángel Godínez Muñoz told reporters  DNA tests confirmed that the deceased were Dctors Cuevas, Saucedo and Hernandez. Julio Salgado, an attorney, was also identified as one of the four.

On July 2, 2015, the Hernandez family joined 50 doctors at nurses to demand security for health-care workers.

The Plot Thickens

What the dead or missing holistic physicians may have started to suspect was that nagalase had been added, intentionally, to vaccines. This could be a reason for the vaccine/autism connection and explains the wider array of health risks associated with vaccinations.

While the physicians may not have possessed strong evidence to support this theory, they, at least, had begun to reveal the secret. What is known is that the doctors who recently died or disappeared were connected, in some way to treatment practices which involved GcMAF.

With a decrease in disease, there is a reduced need for pharmaceuticals that can be a big hit on Big Pharma profits. The growing doubt in vaccinations weaken medical recommendations to follow vaccination protocols and reduces the profits seen by the pharmaceutical industry.

For many people, these are enough facts to fire suspicion that pharmaceutical companies are adding nagalase to their product and that the doctors’ deaths and disappearance are more than coincidences.

What is the truth?

On one extreme are the diehards who believe the government is out to get every doctor who puts faith in holistic medicine. On the opposing end are those that think the government can do no wrong and the terrible deaths and disappearances were nothing more than flukes.

As usual, the truth lays somewhere in the middle.