It’s ironic that only when you look up will you realize that you’re all the way down. That, personally, is what I believe to be the irony of expectations. Only when you expect do you get disappointed.

Don’t expect everyone to fulfil the promises and commitments they have given. It’s something that you do take hold of, while never actually being yours. Not everyone commits to something that he can fulfil. Not everyone knows of the feasibility of his promises. That’s why in reality, not everyone is worth expecting from and being disappointed upon.

Personally, when disappointed, I’d rather be sad than mad. However, that does not eradicate the fact that I am so pissed off that I can break through my window and attempt to fly. All my emotions are heightened, and I embody the feeling of not giving up even if what I’m doing is bullshit because it is the only way to actualize a goal at hand, and to eliminate the possibility of tolerating a complete and utter failure. Furthermore, no matter what, there is still no point of settling for mediocrity even if it requires hell for my part. That’s what disappointment does to me. What about you?

Disappointments have different impact on different people. It’s a downfall of expectations. Nevertheless, disappointments make you stronger. It urges you to stand up, and keep fighting the battle. Because sometimes, you have to attack alone before you bring an army with you. You come undetected, so that the enemy battalion doesn’t strike right away. Then when you have infiltrated, you find it easier to succeed. It’s not the closest comparison in the world, but it will definitely do. When others disappoint you, try starting things yourself, then building it up with others. Expect from yourself before you expect from others. Yes. That’s right. Why? Because there’s no better person in this world than yourself who can actualize a vision that YOU have created.