New domain extensions are a goldmine for those interested in investing in the frontier of domains. It’s the Manifest Destiny of the internet and plenty of gold miners are coming to the foray as the new gTLDs open up. The big ones will be .web and .blog as individuals clamor to acquire the best domains with the most value in this new frontier. Some of these will be obvious like “internet.web” and “”

As most of the investors are us millennials it’s important to understand the risks associated with these domains. These domains will need to be reserved for quite some time before they turn a profit and if you invest in phases 1-4 the expenses will be quite astronomical for you. But given the outcome of the risks associated with this venture you’re sure to get a good price given you go with the right plausible domain and a very popular extension. Focus on the .web and .blog.

The main course of action is to understand that it’s an investment in a very risky business model. Investing in prospective domains you will not always get the price you want and you may have to wait years before seeing a ROI.

Invest in phase 5 because your ROI if you ever do sell is going to be a lot less than phase 1-4. Astronomical prices for a domain doesn’t guarantee a solid return. Pick with certainty the one you want, stick with it, and guarantee your own success. If you are outbid or there is competition for that domain pack your bags and leave before you’ve gambled away your kid’s college fund.