Not Gonna Sugar Coat is a completely opinionated blog. There is no subject I am not willing to tackle, and I say what’s on my mind – without the political correctness, without trying to be nice, and without trying to be sensitive of social, cultural, or racial groups.

Some of my opinions are popular, while others are controversial. I write what I truly think, without trying to make myself look better than I am.

We all stereotype in some way. Some of us act on those stereotypes, while others keep it to themselves. How many of you have seen a group of Chinese people being unimaginably loud? Do you ever think “Fuckin’ Chinese! So loud and rude!”? Well, you aren’t alone. So many people think that way. A huge portion. An unbelievable amount.

And yes it’s horrible. It’s racist and pretty much a hate crime if you said it out loud. Yet that’s what you think in your mind. You might not act on it, but you think it anyways. This is called implicit bias. Psychological term, probably one of the few that I actually remember from college.

Everyone is biased in some way towards stereotypes and generalizations. If you’ve never taken the Harvard Implicit Bias test, you’re in for a surprise. But don’t feel bad. It’s not unnatural to have a little bit of bias. Telling yourself otherwise? You are lying to yourself.

Yes. Lying to yourself. Lying to yourself and those around you, saying that you are completely impartial and non-judgmental. You try to show this facade of perfection, but no matter how hard you try, you craft a judgmental opinion in a faction of a second. You might try to tell yourself to think differently. And that’s fine. But we all have this problem.

If I haven’t persuaded you that you’re biased, then I doubt you’re going to enjoy reading anything I have to say. That’s the purpose of this blog. My cold, hard, unsugarcoated opinions. Sometimes I hate the opinions myself. I don’t like admitting that I’m implicitly racist or sexist. But I am. And I’m not gonna lie about it. I’m writing it all out.

Of course, that being said, do keep in mind that I don’t always agree with my own opinion. That sounds ridiculous right? No! Maybe I’ll write an opinion saying that a lot of indie music are shitty. That’s what I thought initially. That’s my judgmental opinion. But maybe after a while I am thinking about my own opinion, and I think that I’m being unfair. I take a deep breath and think about it logically, with empathy and consideration. That’s when my opinion changes – indie music is pretty great after all.

But I never got rid of my opinion that indie music is shitty. It’s still there, looming in the background. So with this blog I’m going to let it come to the foreground. Why? Because I psychologically want to so I can see justify my own thoughts by hoping other people agree with them. Yep, that’s a psychoanalysis on myself. Again, not afraid to insult my own beliefs and opinions on this. I’m not gonna lie to myself, I’m not gonna sugarcoat anything.

That was a fucking cheesy closer.