All through her glittering career, Dr. Melina Jampolis has always strived to assist people realize their weight loss objectives. She is very keen on enabling individuals to arrive at an ideal weight. This is why she developed SpiceFit in the first place. Earlier on in her career, she specialized in internal medicine, and was one of few certified doctors practicing in this field in America. Dr. Jampolis has also being president of the acclaimed National Board of Physician Nutritional Specialists. At the moment, she resides in the California city Los Angeles with her husband and sons.

Obesity is a particularly grave healthcare issue in the US. The number of children affected by this health concern is growing at an exponential rate. One of this physician’s primary goals in her career is to deal with this challenge, particularly among low income families. She also organizes counseling sessions 2 times each week at the Breese Foundation. While, at the same time, making contributions as an advisor to This site has been set up to parents resources to raise their children in a much more healthier manner.

Besides this spices brand, Dr. Jampolis is involved in other ventures as well. Essentially, she wishes people to obtain sustainable sound health and well being. Resorting to drastic actions to lose weight almost always never works. This is simply because, over time, you will invariably regain the weight you lost. She has also worked with a number of popular TV shows as well as channels. For instance, she hosted FitTV’s ‘Diet Doctor.’ At the moment, she works with CNN Health as a fitness specialist. One of her firm beliefs is nutrition plays a key role in sustainable weight loss and boosting overall health and well being. Still, she acknowledges that many of us lead very busy lives, and cannot possibly stick to a stringent diet plan. This is why she focuses on teaching people the ideal means of fast tracking weight loss in a stress-free way. She endorses combining moderate workout regimens with moderate dieting.

Nevertheless, she does not want you to sacrifice taste. According to her, taste is very fundamental. She advises eating tasty snacks, which will satiate you and prevent you from bingeing. When you are unsatisfied with the taste of the meals you eat, high chances are, you will overeat. One of the most crucial benefits of SpiceFit is all the spices in its formulation are low calorie, but can still effectively enhance the taste of bland food. Dr. Jampolis has leverages on ‘age old’ spices that can fast track the weight loss process. All of these spices have been in widespread utilization in Indian Ayurvedic traditional medicine for many years. However, due to one reason or the other, very little scientific studies have been conducted on their efficacy. Still, modern research has at length started to address this concern. According to this physician, whenever science and these traditional health-boosting spices meet, magic always occurs. She is also deeply convinced that these spices can significantly aid the weight loss process. Indeed, she provides a 100% ‘no question asked’ moneyback guarantee on her product. So, should you be unsatisfied with the outcomes of using it, you can always be assured of obtaining a full refund.

Her practical approach to weight loss has made Dr. Jampolis a household name in America. Besides assisting individuals to lose weight, she is a highly noted public speaker. She wishes everyone to fully understand the pertinence of sustainable weight loss, and how to achieve it safely. This doctor has also being interviewed by a good number of highly acclaimed publications such as Forbes and even USA Today. She has appeared on popular TV shows including Fox News along with the celebrated Dr. Oz show as well. Dr. Jampolis has even authored a couple of well received books based on weight loss. One of the most notable of which is ‘The Doctor on Demand Diet.’

On a parting shot, she markets a brand of healthy protein bar, which can assist you in realizing your weight loss objectives in a hassle-free manner. She also owns a body sculpting studio that makes use controlled cooling to do away with excessive body fat in a totally safe way. For your information, this is a FDA certified weight loss procedure. This definitely means that it is completely safe, and it has never given rise to any serious side effects