It seems that every few months something huge is going down in the world of online marketing. It’s such an action-packed industry that it’s often easy to miss some of the awesome content and major milestones that occur in the field.

It’s no fun to be behind the times, which is why we’re bringing you the 31 best internet marketing articles from a variety of sources and experts.

From modern link building guides and content promotion plans to industry news and groundbreaking studies, there’s something for everyone.

Best Internet Marketing Articles: Content Marketing and Promotion

1. How to Create a Winning Content Promotion Plan

Buzz Stream gives a run down on how to create a top-notch content promotion plan, ensuring that your stellar content gets the attention it deserves.

2. How to Create Great Content That Drives Traffic

In this comprehensive article from OkDork, Noah Kagan explains his skyscraper technique for creating great content that drives legitimate traffic.

This post is incredibly detailed and takes you through the step-by-step process for seeking out topics that will perform well in your niche. Noah’s skyscraper technique has been celebrated often following this post – be sure to give it your time and attention!

3. We Analyzed Nearly 1 Million Headlines. Here’s What We Learned

Headlines a huge, as every content marketer knows. A Garrett Moon guest post on OkDork (adorable name) shows what makes a popular headline with some nice data pie charts to back it all up. Some stuff is obvious (list posts are awesome) but other tips may provide some eureka moments.

4. Writing Tips: How to Come Up With 50 Topic Ideas in 30 Minutes

Is your brain busted? Can’t break through the writer’s block wall? Entrepreneur is coming to the rescue, showing you how to think up 50 fresh article ideas in less time than it takes to watch an episode of Modern Family.

5. 16 Explosive Content Promotion Strategies

While the “all you need is great content” manta is slung around more than sloppy joes at a middle school food fight, we all know it takes a hell of a lot more than “great content” to run a successful website. Creating awesome content is step 1, but what comes after that? Robbie Richards clues us in to 16 awesome strategies and tools to use for content promotion. Really good stuff here you may not have seen before!

6. The Ideal Length of Everything Online

The Buffer blog brings us another super special study: the ideal length for everything online, backed by real research. Get the highlights with a quick flick through and read the details if you’d like. Learn the perfect number of words in a headline, characters in a tweet, words in Facebook posts, and more.

7. The Complete Google Leaked PANDA Do & Don’t List – 2011 to Present

Panda and its successors have forever altered the SEO landscape. This guide from The Moral Concept gives you all the “dos” and “don’ts” to avoid the Panda landmines and create a Google-friendly site.

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