Planning to buy an electric car and contribute your share in saving the environment? Here are some interesting facts about electric cars you should know.

Nowadays, there is a lot of buzz about Electric Cars, hybrid cars and self-driving cars around the globe. The worldwide automobile industry has profited a lot after the advent of innovation in the industry. And as a result, it is the car buyers who are now able to drive some of the most advanced, powerful and safe cars around the globe. It has become possible only because of the ultra-modern technologies and the people behind their innovation.

Electric Cars is one such innovation, which has always attracted every car lover around the globe. Almost every giant automobile brand today is investing huge capital and time on developing great electric cars. And many of them have already made a road presence.

The increasing pollution level and recurring rise in price of petroleum products around the globe has made a smoother way for electric cars. Running on renewable energy, the electric cars not only environment friendly, but they are quite cheaper to run as well. Here are some interesting facts you should know about electric cars.

The First Electric Car

The concept of electric cars isn’t new. The first electric car was produced much back in 1832. And later in 1895, an American named William Morrison developed the first passenger electric vehicle with a seating capacity of six people.

No Exhaust & Silence

It is amazing to know that electric cars don’t have exhaust pipes as they don’t produce engine emissions. This means that an electric car never produces smokes, making them 100% environment friendly. Also, this makes them quieter than regular cars with petrol/diesel engine.

Ownership Cost

It is a well-known fact that electric cars are expensive to buy. It is an innovative technology and is still produced in less numbers and hence, buying an electric will be expensive too. Also, it must be noted that they carry expensive electric components and lithium batteries, making them costlier to own.

Low Running Cost

Despite of high ownership costs, the running cost of an electric cost is very less and affordable too. You don’t need to spend bucks on petroleum products or gas, and hence you would save a lot on the running costs.

Easy Charging

It is very easy and convenient to charge an electric car. You can charge your electric car at any time during the day or night. The total charging time depends on the battery capacity, size of the car and the technology used. Generally, an electric car can be charged completely within six to ten hours.

They’re Safe

Most of the people believe that electric cars are not safe, which is 100% incorrect. The highly successful electric cars; Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt were awarded five star ratings after undergoing an extensive crash test. The probability of lithium battery catching fire after an accident is very less.

Home Charging

You don’t need to install a complex electric circuit at your home to charge an electric car. Electric cars can be recharged using the regular home electric outlets. However, it is advised to get them checked properly before plugging-in the charger for the first time.

Fastest Electric Car

The fastest electric car in the world is the NIO EP9, which has a top speed of 194mph. The electric car can touch the mark of 124mph in just 7.1 seconds. Quite fast enough!

Good Driving Ranges

If you think that electric cars are meant only for short distances, you need to recheck with the facts and figures. An average electric car can travel 160 kilometers on a single charge. The Tesla Model S has an exceptional driving range of 335 miles, which is simply superb.

Low Maintenance

Except for the tires and wiper blades, the electric cars require very less expenditure on their maintenance. The brake pads on an electric car last longer than regular cars as they use regenerative brake to slow down.

Best-Selling Electric Car

The Nissan Leaf is the best selling electric car till date. The Chevrolet Volt would have been the best car, but as it has a gas engine, it falls in the hybrid segment. However, the launch of Tesla might break the sales record very soon.

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