Our warm transfer program is the easiest way for insurance professionals to connect with consumers shopping for insurance. On the outside looking in it may look like all of these rules put Medicare Turning 65 Leads in place by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services are nothing more than red tapes meant to make our ability to earn a living servicing client needs infinitely harder.

Whether you’re looking for Turning 65 Leads for your active enrollment period (AEP), open-enrolling periods (OEP), special enrollment periods (SEP), or general enrollment periods (GEP), our data-driven strategies will lead you to seniors who are in the market for Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage Insurance.

While there will always be individuals in this age group that prefer to do things the old way, recognizing the opportunity that now exists to reach this segment in new Final Expense Leads ways through social and digital platforms is absolutely imperative for any marketer who is looking to increase their success in the very competitive Medicare space.

Congratulating someone on a job change not only helps you stay top of the mind, but it also gives Life Insurance Leads you an opportunity to inquire further on any benefit changes they may experience—potentially turning connections into leads.

We understand ordering Medicare leads services from other lead vendors can be expensive with hourly rate billing which is usually standard for minimum of 50 hours with no guarantee they can accomplish your preset appointment request within the time frame you requested. For more information, please visit our site https://www.us-leads.com/