Single Hung Windows

Single Hung Windows slide up and down from the bottom. The top sash is static. The bottom sash can fold in and allows cleaning from the inside of your home. Our Windows typically come with screens over the open portions.

All frame windows are offered with a wide variety of glass sets to meet your design and energy efficiency requirements.


Thermalized Alumnium windows have a built-in physical barrier that dramatically decreases the transfer of heat and cold.Vinyl and FiberGlass window frames are regular insulators. All four of our window systems have deep pile fin-seal weather-stripping. They are fully interlocking to cut wind and water filtration. Our insulated glass is designed to provide efficiency and energy conservation by using SuperSpacer, SoftCoat LowE and Argon. It’s backed by a limited lifetime warranty.


Thermalized Aluminum windows common colors are: White, Bronze, Crème, Almond & Sandstone.

Vinyl windows common colors are: Bright-White, Crème-White, and Tan.

FiberGlass & Oak Veneer FiberGlass windows common colors are: Commercial Brown, Rainware White, Slate, Brown Stone & Almond.

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