Owners of houses equipped with good insulation processing are able to enjoy greater energy efficiency. This method is beneficial for the building owners that can save thousands of dollars that otherwise are spent for heating and cooling etc.

Spray-foam insulation provided by prominent concerns including EFI ltd and others is preferred by most of the people. Though expensive to some extent, yet this method is enriched with many advantageous features that are liked by all concerned.

Following unique benefits of spray foam insulation enhance its popularity:

Energy efficiency – Homeowners with spray foam insulation in their buildings are at great benefit. Their homes are able to become most efficient as regards energy efficiency.

Comforts – Sweet comforts enjoyed by the house owners with such insulation make them pleased. Proper installation of spray foam facilitates best results.

Save money – Houses with spray foam insulation facilitated by EFI ltd or other such concerns are able to save lots of money. This unique method is able to reduce the consumption of electricity to much extent.

Two options – Those thinking to install spray foam insulation are able to enjoy the same in two flavors. It includes open cell and closed cell. Both parts of the building envelope, i.e. the air barrier and insulation are covered with this method. As such apt alignment of air barrier and insulation is possible with this method.

Though spray foam insulation is beneficial as above, yet its following downsides should also be looked into:

Not thick enough – This down feature of spray foam insulation is true with both types, i.e. open cell foam and the closed cell foam too. Those going in for this method must know this aspect too.

Miss some areas – Houses with spray foam insulation may not be fully benefited with this method. This is because of the fact that the installers may sometimes miss some of the air leakage areas. It may result in humidity and air that penetrate into the houses and lead to condensation. As such sealing of the entire envelope in strict manners becomes necessary. Proper insulation is a must.

Inapt spraying – Many installers engaged in spray foam insulation fail to spray it in even manners. Lack of proper insulation may lead to thermal bypass that result in excess heat gain or its loss. Extra spraying is also possible that puts financial burden upon the building owners that do not gain anything out of this mistake on the part of the installers.

Contraction and pull-away: It is noticed that spray foam insulation done by the installers sometimes gets contracted and starts pulling away from the frame. It happens because of improper mixing, excessive temperature of wrong chemicals. This is another downside of spray foam insulation.

Those intending to get spray foam insulation in their homes must ensure that it is done by the professional guys. Proper insulation is a must to enjoy best results. Services of concerns including EFI ltd may be hired.