Alibaba’s CEO Jack Ma lost to WeChat on his first attempt to break into the local messaging in China with Laiwang. He’s not giving up and now he’s back again with another one – this time with Tmall’s backing.

Named FUN, it is a social media app where you can take selfies of your outfit or with your friends, and you can tag them with the clothing labels. It is not something new though, as there is already apps like Pinco and Nice, as well as an upcoming app, IN, in the Chinese market. What is different is that FUN is part of the Tmall app, as compared to the rest which are standalone apps.

You may then wonder how the photos are shared with the rest – FUN allows you to share your posts within Tmall and their social community, as well as other social networks like Sina’s Weibo and Alibaba’s proprietary Laiwang.

With the customer satisfaction based approach from the company that is having US’s biggest IPO in tech history, how much FUN will contribute to the overall performance in Tmall is something to anticipate. Tmall, along with Taobao, are the two most successful online shopping malls in China where Tmall generated a local sales revenue of RMB 505 million ($82.1 million USD) last year.

One will then wonder how this is going to turn out – will it suffer the same fate as Laiwang, where they’ve lost the arms race to Wechat? This however, may be on a better note as they are not facing just one competitor. But how big will their share be in this competitive market? Afterall at the end of the day consumers will usually end up using just one app for all of their needs. And Tmall is definitely one app that they’re using so far.

TechinAsia tried to approach Alibaba for a comment but unfortunately they have not given any response. However, the clean user interface of FUN does seem appealing.

So, would you want to have FUN if you’re in China?