“A fool shares his knowledge freely” is how the old adage goes but many disagree. In the new world of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and blogs the new adage should be “a fool doesn’t share his knowledge freely.” Fortunately knowledge is based upon on wisdom and subjective experience along with some subtle cold facts.

The new atmosphere of knowledge sharing and web based information overload is a sensational plethora of positive adaptation of the human experience. Everyday our knowledge is increased by the internet and in this new world if one is unwilling to share experiences it’s almost maladaptive.

Pushing the boundaries of this is cybernetics; the fusion of man and machine. In the 60s, 70s, and 80s cybernetics was popularized by TV shows and movies. Robocop being one such example. But where does all this lead to? Futurists imagine a world where we are all connected and nanobots cure all kinds of diseases.

The mass overload of information is taking individuals to places they’ve never been; inside their mind.

That’s right! They’re literally going inside their mind seeking out meditation, spiritual experiences and mystical knowledge. The prowess of information overload is causing people to retreat into their safe place; the world within. After all, the world within is much more fun than cold hard facts.

The world within is the individuals escape from the land mines of knowledge overload, career stress, family stress. Human development in the emerging adulthood to late adulthood phase is going to require this escape from trivialities of daily life in the future and even now people are beginning to take to new ways of managing their stress.

Mind, Body, Spirit is the trinity of how one should take care of him or herself and people are awakening to new and innovative ways to take care of themselves.