February 27, 2017: Recently launched, InfoLead.mobi is an app that would help small and medium size industries monitors their business performance on realtime basis. GPS based monitoring will help business to increase ROI (Return on Investment) by tracking employee efficiency effectively with sales process automation. The companies will be able to convert their leads into opportunities through InfoLead.

Communication is an important part of every business, and InfoLead helps sales team have better communication with customers. A good coordination and collaboration would help increase sales, eventually increasing the revenue.

What makes InfoLead better from others?

InfoLead has unique features that will help companies increase their business efficiency.

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InfoLead aims at providing a secure Cloud base environment for data storage and transfer, allowing both management and sales people access the data from anywhere.The companies would be able to manage taxes and currencies according to their country. Hardly any other business management app offers this feature.

InfoLead will help companies track its employee’s location, and will also provide an update of the sales. The app comes up with graphical features, helping the management develop a graph to see the status of its business.

InfoLead helps companies develop a complete business catalog in the form of product images, as well as buying and selling prices.It will help the management team assign each employee with a certain sales target and revenue on monthly basis. With an order tracking tool of InfoLead, the user will be able to make an advance delivery schedule to enhance business performance.

The CEO of any business would get its company’s revenue detail just through InfoLead. InfoLead is device friendly, and all employees can reach the sales data from their smartphones. The sales management will get instant update on lead progress by capturing instant images. In most companies, the management has to spend lot of time in recording each data manually. But, InfoLead will manage the entire sales task for you, reducing the stress of manual task. Both management and sales team can set a reminder for important business meetings, be it an in-house meeting or other. Free access is provided by InfoLead to know its efficiency without spending any money; a feature hardly offered by any other business monitoring app.

InfoLead also offers different packages for its subscription, including SAAS hosted, Public hosted and Private hosted. So, clients with different requirements can count on InfoLead.

Developer of the InfoLead aims at helping small and medium companies through an easy, affordable and user-friendly mobile application.

To know more about InfoLead, visit; infolead.mobi

Download the app from google play store; https://goo.gl/QuzSrE

For more details and direct contact: Mahesh Chimankar

Linked In : https://www.linkedin.com/in/mchimankar/

Contact No: +91 9769700860 | +91 8080 722 622

email: info@infloead.mobi