This is definitely one of the things that you’ll rarely meet in your lifetime – Having the people appointing two presidents at one go when the outcome only requires one.

While this is not possible in any governing model, both of the presidential candidates for Indonesia, Joko Widodo and Prabowo Subianto are claiming that they have secured the votes necessary for the appointment of the position.

What comes under fire is the action done by the General Election Commissions(KPU) in Indonesia – to let the public decide to prevent any form of fraud. They went on to disclose all vote tallying documents to the public and there are now several initiatives that took up the calling to go through them.

This prompted initiatives like Kawal Suara, where they use crowdsouce to verify the count, and Kawal Pemilu which consists of a 700-man team of volunteers counting the ballots in a secret Facebook group and publishing the count results in real time.

On the other end, there are initiatives like C1 Yang Aneh, which fishes out unusual votes, wrong tallies, or even documents without serial numbers. They have been proven effective as they have verified 100 documents which are not complying out of the 900 that was flagged to them.

Now here’s come the challenge – both Kawal Suara and Kawal Pemilu have obstructions in their work. Reza Lesmana from Kawal Suara was hit with a DDOS attack after discovering thousands of erroneous entries. Similarly with Kawal Pemilu’s, they were hit with a DDOS while fending off hundreds of hackers who they have identified to be from Indonesia.

Currently, both initiatives have candidate Joko Widodo as winning the election count.

If Joko Widodo is proven the winner, Subianto will not back out and will probably appeal the decision through the Constitutional Court. By then, it will be up to the people who have made it happen to show how they verified the facts.

This may seem like a good idea for now but Indonesia’s democracy will be on a verge of crisis if hackers successfully attack crowdsourced vote counts.