Apple is slated to release an ‘all-new’ version of its flagship product tomorrow morning at its event in San Francisco’s Bill Graham auditorium. Most analysts expect the refresh to be in-line with the previous incremental upgrades that Apple has made over the years in between major releases.

There are a million pundits, blogs, and media members that love to jump on the breaking news (cue up CNN) that the camera has been upgraded from 10 to 10.5 megapixels and there is an even better ‘Retina’ display that is some marvelous engineering feat akin to Gutenberg’s printing press.

I’m not one.

The truth is that I’m simply getting bored by Apple updates that are marginal at best. The commoditization of mobile hardware technology is finally starting to rear its head to the masses — an evolution that I hope enlightens the public who have watched Apple keynotes with starry eyed ignorance for years.

Credit apple for developing the first truly great consumer oriented mobile device but as the timeless saying goes — what have you done for me lately?

The enticing ecosystem that Apple built has kept users locked in for years but it’s losing steam.

iTunes was the first hook that introduced me the world to Apple products years ago. Has iTunes innovated in any way recently? What about the vaunted new Apple Music service? It sucks. Spotify not only revolutionized the way in which we consume music, it revolutionized the business model behind it. Many Apple loyalist like myself justified that Apple was late to the subscription game simply because it wanted to perfect the product before releasing it into the wild. Many Apple loyalists like myself were wrong.

This strong ecosystem has enabled Apple to get by with marginal product updates that still excite the public.

How long will it last?

Are you not entertained?