Nutritious food plays an important role in child development and today, in this article, we’ll describe 10 healthy meals for student’s improved performance.


Eat healthy, stay happy! This should be the motto of everybody’s life in order to prosper and flourish remarkably. Nutritious food doesn’t only provide a good taste but also brings fitness and good health. Choosing wrong meals can cost you bad health issues. For students nutritious food is much necessary to score good grades academically. 10 healthy meals are described below which will eventually improve the performance of students.

1. Omelet:

The start of your day should be done with healthiest meal. Breakfast must involve omelets because they are made up of eggs, which are very good for health and ultimately makes your child’s performance good at school.

2. Soup:

Soup is a very good winter meal for all students to keep them warm, healthy and enthusiastic. Soup involves corn, eggs, chicken, mushrooms and some peppers, which combine together and give you a heavenly taste and boost your energy levels.

3. Fruit Salad:

Fruits provide direct nutrition, without any cooking or baking. If students want to improve their school performance then they must take fruit salad as a meal, at least once in a day. You can get vitamins and other rich nutrients from fruits, which will boost up your mind.

4. Vegetable Salad:

Just like fruits, vegetables are also natural enriched with nutrients and healthy fibers. This meal is easy to make, just cut few vegetables, boil them, combine together, add some taste with pepper addition and there you go. It’s all ready to eat. Enjoy and heighten up your brain activities in order to score highest grades.

5. Bakes Potatoes:

Potatoes make very delicious meals but you might feel lazy after eating them. Therefore, we refer our students to eat healthy baked potatoes which doesn’t make you lethargic but gives you energy. Energy with taste is a superb combination for students!

6. Grilled Fish:

Students require proteins as much as other nutrients, therefore take grilled fish as a meal more frequently, so that you can have the goods that comes with eating fish.

7. Rice and Pulses:

Researches have proved that grains accelerate the brain activities and make overall performance impressive. Take some rice with pulses today in lunch and enjoy your improved school grades with deliciousness.

8. Dark Chocolate Dessert:

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Yes, we say give your children dark chocolate dessert as a meal so that he or she can perform with full zeal and passion. Dark chocolate has the power to take away stress and make your mind relax so that you can concentrate on important issues with clear thoughts.

9. Stuffed Chicken:

Chicken are not only cute when alive, they also provide good health to your brain and body. Students should take chicken in different forms to try lovely taste and also enjoy the benefits of improved grades.

10. Baked items with nuts:

Dry fruits provide fiber, potassium and keep you away from diseases such as obesity. If students will take dry fruit cake, they’ll enjoy healthy life with energy and power, and will be able to perform well in school.

Author Bio : Jack Kevin is one of the profoundly respected authors and teachers of US. He has educated numerous understudies in Primary and additionally Secondary schools. He composes articles for Assignment Writing Help that features his capacities as an essayist.