Social media and digital sharing were initially viewed by many as a unique way for youth to socialize. It has grown exponentially over the past few years, beyond young people’s conversations and older people connecting with friends from high school. Now businesses are using the power of social media to advertise and create trends. But some recent impressive digital marketing stats reveal the role youth still plays in the success of Pokemon Go, We Heart It, and more. 

Young people are wandering cities and suburban areas with their faces in mobile devices. They are searching for Pokemon in some of the oddest places. Beyond being a fun pursuit to fill the seemingly endless hours of summer, Pokemon Go is serious business.  According to the observations of AdWeek, Apple could make more than $3 billion over the next couple of years thanks to the Pokemon Go trend. Apple collects fees to host apps in its App store and gets about 30 percent of the money users are spending on the Pokemon Go app. 

We Heart It is another site where young people share what they love. It is simple to use and could be the next social media trend for big businesses. The site is deemed to be a hybrid between Facebook and Pinterest, two other social media leaders. Recently eBay tested ads on We Heart It and scored 100,000 views on a pic of a pink mermaid tail.

Social marketing innovative is clearly the wave of the future. As more sites arise and apps become a way of life, savvy businesses are hopping on board the social media trend to attract more customers and boost their profits. It is likely the young people playing games and sharing images now could be the marketing moguls of the future.