In the age of globalization, English language has taken its place. Studies say more than two billion people use English for their day to day communication. English is the primary language of communication between different countries. Especially in India, people of different states use different language, English is used as a bridge for connecting various people beyond countries.English has its importance in all country. 

At Present, English is one of the major language used for communication. It helps people with different native and different culture to communicate and to express their view. In India, if someone moves from their state to another state for education or work purpose, mostly they communicate in English, and this is the reason why English has been added as Official Language in Indian Parliament and countries like India, English is taking the role of linking people with different language. 

Any scientific technologies from Germany, France, Russia will reach India through English. And English serves as a window the world. The benefits of learning English can be seen in the economic, social and political life of the people, and hence it come as a common practice all over the world in the modern age is to learn English language to facilitate easy understanding of political, social, cultural issues as this language is easier than other most spoken languages in the world. One of the best way to learn English is by English Classes.

Major technological and scientific advancements haven been written in the English Language. English can be studied as the important language since it has the role of medium of instruction, in science and technology and other higher educations. At the same time, regional language is also important, and it should NEVER be ignored.