Once there was a person by name, Roger who lived in a village. He was a teacher and an honest and modest person. He was the first to set up a school in the village to enlighten children living there. When Roger came to village there was no school at all. So he along with some of his friends founded a school.

He faced several challenges initially. Nobody was willing to join and the parents thought that it was waste of time. Parents thought that children could assist them in cultivation and by following traditional occupations instead of going to school. Children also disliked going to school as there was no fun in school.

Roger brought some parents and students from city and motivated students by highlighting the importance of education. There was some favorable response from few villagers. Some children joined school as many students from city counseled about the importance of education. Roger included play ground and introduced several sports and games for children to encourage en enhance enrolment in the school. As a result, more number of students joined school as the school blended both curricular and extra curricular activities.

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