Matt Bayan, comedian, author and Co-President of High Sierra Writers gave this advice in his latest book, The Firecracker King. Bayan, with the dubious distinction of being revived 72 times from a massive heart attack, made the best of his bad situation. In his first book, Eat Fat, Be Healthy, originally published by Simon & Schuster, he sought answers to his heart problem.

After substantial research and consultation with medical professionals, Bayan is proof that using his methods saved his life and could save yours too.

Bayan is also the Co-President of High Sierra Writers, a group that is a combination of the former Unnamed Writers Group and Writers of the Purple Sage. Now, one group, they offer membership which includes the opportunity for writers to obtain critiques from their peers and attend workshops to help writers “hone their craft and work toward success in publishing”.

Bayan appeared on The Book Hound Show, an America Matters Media presentation on 101.3 FM, Renegade Radio on Wednesday, May 1, 2013. Matt, in his comedian’s style, gave some insight to the creation of Firecracker King when he shared that 2/3 of the book is autobiographical. “Did you really find a dead body?” asked co-host Dennis DuPerault. “I’m from Jersey,” Bayan responded. I guess he’s not telling. From the back of the book The Firecracker King: “Have you ever found a dead body? If you do, it’s a good idea to run. Don’t put yourself in the middle of the investigation because you have a crush on the dead girl’s sister. Leave that to idiots like me.”

The Firecracker King 978-0615616360
Published by Timeline Books

“Originally published on, May 1, 2013”