If you’re a new start-up, you’ll have a limited budget to invest in marketing. You cannot think of investing money on expensive advertisements like bigger competitors do. However, you can definitely use innovative ideas for small business creative development on a limited budget. Here are some of the creative business development ideas for marketing.

Make your message clear and precise

There is no need spending huge money on marketing materials if people don’t understand the message clearly. Compose your message in such a way that even a 10-year old kid could understand it.

Mingle with the community

Comment on others post and invite them to write guest posts on your blog. Visit local networking events and get a chance to talk about your business with people. Sometimes volunteer your product or services and help people in need.

Build a referral network

Referrals are one of the powerful means of advertising. Build a good relationship with successful business professionals — refer your customers to them and get referrals from their side as well.

Request customers for testimonials and reviews

Customer reviews and testimonials play a crucial role in building credibility among new and old customers. Create a testimonial page on your website and include best reviews with each product.