Yesterday, Big Blue set a direction forward for the next generation of computing devices. Citing to invest $3 billion on the development, they are betting that the next generation of systems that will have high growth potential are in the cognitive, synaptic, and quantum computing, which does not just require the traditional silicon chips.

What does this mean?

Well, basically IBM wants to make things smaller, faster and smarter (it’s more complicated than that, but just think of it like Weight-Watchers for computing).

After introducing the IBM Navigator service which combines security, governance and integration to other platforms such as mobile and web applications all in one last week, IBM is on the way to prepare the world with the next wave of hardware technologies.

This also clearly shows IBM’s commitment in hardware innovation even though they are in the midst of transferring the low end server portfolio to Lenovo.

It will be done with all the research and engineering experts from all over the world within the IBM organization. They will be certainly headhunting around the world for talent in carbon nanoelectronics, photonics, new memory technologies and quantum and cognitive computing architectures.

Not to mention, IBM will be combining all of their intellectual property in quantum computing, graphene, silicon photonics and low-power transistors to set the stage. This development will be split into two phases:

In the first phase, the giant will attempt to downsize the silicon based technology to 7 nanometers, then from there they will look into replacements of silicon in the chips they manufacture. With this goal in mind, IBM proves that sometimes bigger is not always better.

They will commence the reduction of the chips’ size over the next ten years. However, to reach to the final target of 7 nanometer based hardware it will require new manufacturing tools and techniques to be researched in the near future.

With all these new goals that the industry giant is rolling out, one can’t help but wonder what the next generation of technology will be like.

Could it be possible that we will have the Iron Man suit on the way? This will be something to look forward to.