If you have been taking singing lessons for a while now and if you know that you are ready to do your very first gig then, you will find yourself in front of a very difficult problem. Getting a gig is not an easy job. You’re not just going to walk inside a bar or cafe and expect that, all those will be open and that you will just be handed over the microphone and start singing.

You’re not the only singer in town

We can guarantee that, just like you, there are tons of others aspiring singers out there that want the exact same thing. So what is it that is going to make you so special? What is it that is going to make bar and cafe owners want to hire you? Well, it all has to do with the way you have sold yourself so far. Because yes, promotion and advertising need to be your number one priority if you want to make sure that you will start getting singing gigs.

You see, the first thing you will want to do would be to use the your classic phone call. Yes, we know that this might sound a bit abundant but it is definitely something that will always work. If you have heard that there are cafes and bars around your area that are looking for singers then, pick up your phone, call each and every one of those cafes and bars and make sure that you are going to get an appointment.

Widen your circle today

Don’t just go to one thing at a time. Go to one of them. This is the beginning of your career and you will want every door to be opened. Even if the owners will not hire you that time, it is always a good idea to make friends. Widen your circle. Make sure that you will befriend them whether they hire you or not. Who knows, perhaps in the future you might be the number one choice.

Keep trying until you are able to book a gig for yourselves. We can guarantee that, with a lot of courage, a lot of that a lot of patients enforce, a lot of perseverance, you will definitely be able to get your very first job. And this is where we are going to give your piece of advice. When you do get your first job make sure that you are going to give your best self to it. You will want to record the whole thing and you will want to post it online. But most importantly, you’re going to want to make a great impression. You see, it’s not just about singing and getting paid at the end of the day. It’s about making sure that people will remember who you are.