Recently, I entered amazon official website for buying a gift to my friend. I sew many reviews of shops and found that there were so many buyers complained about they never received their orders. I commiserated these buyers on their misfortune and worried that if I meet this situation, what should I do? I spent many time and found many tips from the internet about this issue and make a summary on my passages. This passage just show some of tips, I will show you more on my next passage. Hope this passage can help these unlucky people. We need to divide this situation into small parts:

1.Package still on the way to you

In this situation, you need to clearly know that if you bought your item in abroad and do you know that seller used which courier company to shipped item to you? Some express company shipping parcel very slowly, so you need to take a long time to receive your item. You can use trackingmore to track the logistics of your parcel. This tracking tool can easily show you the parcel’s real-time information.

2.Item was be marked: “delivered”.

If you track your parcel on trackingmore and found that your parcel has been marked : “delivered” but you still not received. In this time you need to check if you sent a wrong address to your seller, so they sent your item in a wrong place.

3. If there was nothing wrong with your address, you should look for a notice of attempted delivery. It means postman attempted to deliver item to you but you were not at home or your address is so far and no delivery service offer. You need to pick you item in post office by yourself.

4. Look around the delivery location for your package, may be postman sent your item in other place by mistake.

5. See if someone else accepted the delivery. May be you were not present while postman delivered item to you, so they put your item to your neighbor’s house, you can ask your neighbor fro this issue.

6. So, if there is nothing help after you have done all of the above, and it’s been at least thirty-six hours since your package was marked as ‘delivered’, your next step is to go the Amazon Contact Us Help page, where you will be able to actually tell Amazon that your order is missing.