Dark spots can mar the beauty of the face and create great diffidence in individuals. Hyperpigmentation can be effectively treated through one of many options and give individuals better appearance. Increased production of melanin as a result of one of many reasons contribute to hyperpigmentation. Melanin, which actually plays the important role of determining the complexion of the individual sometimes goes into overdrive in certain areas, causing embarrassing pigmentation. If you are flummoxed about how to treat hyperpigmentation, the following effective options of treating the dark pigmentation on face will help you to call the right choice.

Chemical peels to tackle the pigmented spots

TCA peels or phenol peels are generally recommended by specialists as face skin pigmentation treatment. An acronym for trichloracetic acid, TCA is a non-toxic chemical that acts by facilitating the upper layers of the skin to dry and peel. This happens over a period that extends up to seven days. The skin that is exposed beneath the peeled layer of skin is relatively smoother in texture with a lighter colour than that of the peeled skin. This method is generally preferred for treatment of melasma on the face and damage to the skin due to overexposure to sunlight.

Topical applications to lighten the skin

Topical applications of hydroquinone, retinoids, kojic acid and Vitamin C are prescribed for skin lightening solutions. What needs to be borne in mind is that a qualified and experienced dermatologist would be best equipped to diagnose and prescribe this cream which is actually available OTC (over the counter). This cream will contraindicate if used in combination with other applications. Hence, care needs to be taken to have a proper consultation with an expert, before dabbing the cream onto the affected areas.

Get even skin tone and lighter skin with Q Switched Laser

The Q switched laser works by targeting the pigmented areas observed to have higher melanin presence. This makes it safe as it does not affect other areas of the skin where the skin is of the right colour. The pigmented skin absorbs the laser strobes, resulting in fragmentation of the pigments. Probably one of the most effective and best treatment for hyperpigmentation, Q Switched Lasers have revolutionised the way patients are treated.

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