An air conditioner can greatly ease the summer heat. However, unlike other household appliances, it requires cleaning and care. During its operation, an air conditioner transmits some huge volumes of impure air. In addition, the outdoor and indoor units of the air conditioner are constantly in contact with condensed moisture. Therefore, cleaning an air conditioner is a must.

But keep in mind, however, that even if something bad does happen to your AC, companies specializing in air conditioner and furnace upgrade and repairs in Edmonton will be able to fix that problem.

How does an AC get dirty?

Unlike other household appliances, say TVs or microwave ovens, changes in the operation of an air conditioner occur gradually and are not conspicuous. However, these changes are taking place indeed. Here are some factors affecting the degree of wear of an air conditioner:

     air humidity;

     degree of air pollution;

     height of the air conditioner in relation to the street/ground.

Air conditioners located on the upper floors (12th or 15th), “swallow” less dust than their counterparts located closer to the ground, where there is more dust in the air. There is also a lot of dust near highways, enterprises and quarries. The worst enemy for an air conditioner is poplar fluff, as it accumulates on the fins of the radiator in the outdoor unit and thus it significantly reduces the efficiency of heat exchange between the air to be cooled and the Freon in the system. If this contamination problem is not eliminated in time, the wear of your AC will dramatically increase.

Methods and frequency of cleaning an air conditioner

In order to avoid unpleasant consequences, it is necessary to carry out preventive cleaning of the outdoor and indoor units of your air conditioner. Manufacturers recommend cleaning the entire system 2 times a year:

     In the spring before the start of operation;

     In the autumn before its transition to the off-season.

By taking care of an air conditioner, you will let your system operate properly without having to deal with additional repairs. The lifetime of a split system AC ranges from 7 to 12 years, depending on the model and type.

Getting a split system AC ready for the summer.

Before the summer comes along, it is necessary to clean the heat exchanger of the external unit of the air conditioner and also check if the it operates properly in all the possibly modes. You should keep in mind that the procedure of cleaning the outdoor unit, as a rule, is not included in the warranty service. Thus, in order to perform these cleaning activities, you might want to hire a specialist.

Automatic cleaning

Today, manufacturers of air conditioners, are trying to attract customers by introducing additional functions into the their AC units which contribute to the smooth operation of the system itself and in some cases allowing their ACs to perform some automated cleaning functions. This gives an air conditioner the possibility to drive air through the system, thus drying out the trays and the heat exchanger. There are also sensors in some air conditioners that control the air composition and at the right moment, they can start the self-cleaning procedure. These are useful inventions, which are capable of providing high purity of the air passed.

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