Weddings are fun, auspicious and memorable; it’s a life event through which two families connect, along with two souls.

Better than photographs or videos: 3D replica clones by Dynasty Kloneworld

Weddings are an optimistic event of new beginnings, it is said that the two individuals getting married start life anew on their wedding day together. For such an auspicious event, mere photographs/videos, have become ancient and now-a-days most people are looking for quirkier ways to preserve the best day of their lives.

With their company based in Singapore, Dynasty Kloneworld has been providing a new way to keep these precious memories afresh. Dynasty Kloneworld provides you with your own personalized replica which are ceramic dolls of yourself with immaculate detailing and precision. These are exact 3D clone figurines with absolute focus put into the size ratio and coloring of the subject.

And how do they do that?

Dynasty Kloneworld makes these 3D customized figurine dolls through their 360 Degree Klone Scan Technology, the team of skilled and equipped professionals complete an all around 360 degree scan, scanning you in entirety, capturing every single detail in absolute definiteness, further these scans are preserved to be made into 3D miniature ceramic dolls of yourself.

3D figurines, a unique way to preserve your precious moments

The industry for human replica dolls in India is even bigger than before and from cake toppers to action figures miniature 3D clone is an ongoing trend in India. Customized 3D clones is a relatively new idea in India but it’s a fast growing concept and a company to turn this concept into reality is Dynasty Kloneworld, innovative and spearheading into the customized ceramic 3D cloning industry they have been providing their customers with the utmost quality of the product.

Array of products by Dynasty Kloneworld includes

1. Wedding Clones

2. Valentine Clones

3. 3D Selfie Clones

4. Anniversary Clones

5. Birthday Clones

6. Ballroom Couple Clones

7. Cricket Clones

8. Father and Son Clones

9. Karate Clones

10. Sofa Clones

11. Miniklones

12. Full-body Single Clones

13. Kid Clones