Human Resources is not often thought of as the most glamorous part of any business. However, how does being part of a team able to influence the future of a business sound? – Very exciting indeed!

Human resources professionals are necessary for almost every company regardless of the business niche. It’s a fact, the people employed by a business are that businesses biggest asset. Which is why more workplaces than ever, are making sure they have a high-quality, robust human resources department.

For a lot of people, career development comes second to salary, and without a doubt, HR provides an excellent pay for entry-level employment which is a significant drive to obtaining a career in HR.

So, How Do You Land Yourself an HR Role?

There are many logical reasons for choosing a career in Human Resources, but where do you start with no qualifications or experience. Most likely you will come from an administrative background, an ideal entry level position to focus on, is becoming an HR assistant. Nearly all HR assistants possess a minimum of GCSE Maths and English qualifications or its equivalent and HR assistant training is also a wonderful way to gain knowledge and show commitment to your career path on your CV.

What does an HR assistant do day to day?

  • Assisting with day to day running of the HR department
  • Providing administrative support to an HR team
  • Managing and updating employee records
  • Process documents and reports relating to the HR department
  • Assist with employee requests
  • Assist with payroll preparation
  • Assist with complaints and employee grievances
  • Assist in sourcing new candidates, screening CV’s and scheduling interviews

Prepare A Solid Resume

Whether you are making a complete career change, maybe a return to work after a considerable amount of time, both can be a daunting experience. The singular most important thing to consider is how much of an asset you really are to your next employer. Be 100% clear on your strengths and skills, highlight how training or previous experience makes you a real asset to any HR department. Clearly, outline your reason for your career change, break and highlight on training you have undertaken or voluntary work to emphasise how committed you are to the role. If you’re struggling to finance your career change help is at hand. How the Unemployed can get Funding for HR Assistant Training Courses 

Look Towards AND Prepare for the Future and your Career in HR

HR assistants once qualified and having a certain level of recognised on the job experience, often find themselves moving quite quickly into professional level roles, such as recruiting executive, payroll executive, recruitment manager, administrator or human resources manager. With that in mind aim high as the salary benefits can be huge!


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