Do you look forward to creating a compelling online presence? In the current times, most businesses have on online identity. The Web Design India can help you to reach out and market your concept to the online audience. It can make the design SEO-friendly so that your site is effective in generating maximum leads. Do remember that website designing has a crucial role to play in highlighting the importance of your site. If you use the designing parameters appropriately, then you can lead your business onto the track of development and profitability.

The following designing tips can bring your site into the prominence by driving in traffic

Do away with background images

Large images use up bandwidth, and that in turn, slows down the site. People don’t like visiting sites which are slow to load and navigate. If you have large images in the background, it is the time to get those replaced. Instead of background images, you can use the CSS3 gradients. They are not only light in weight but are also modern looking and attractive. You can use the Gradient Generator, which will help you to implement the CSS-based graphical interface.

Use texts which are relevant

The site that you thrash out with the help of the Wed Design India should be accessible to the bots of the search engines. The question is how do you make yourself visible? For that, you need a sufficient amount of written information. Instead of using written content to highlight the site or its title, you may be using images. But it is not a wise idea to use images because they tend to hide SEO-centric inputs and information from the search engines including the Google. Unlike humans, the search engines are unable to read or interpret images. So, you should be particular about replacing the text images with the written facts and figures.

The design should be mobile friendly

You have to implement a responsive web designing solution that supports handheld mobile devices. That’s because most users are found accessing the internet through their handheld devices. At present, you may have a desktop-oriented site, but you are keen that the design becomes responsive to handheld gadgets including mobiles. For that, you have to choose a suitable platform that aids the process of transition. If you collaborate with the Web Design India, then it will ensure you of a smooth transition by equipping your site and the content management system with the mobile plugins.

Avoid using JavaScript

Instead, use CSS3 or HTML5 while web designing. Many critics argue that JS is necessary for imparting professional touches to the website. But it is also a fact that JS hides contents of importance, and thus the search engine fails to notice those. If you use CSS3, you can ensure yourself of sites that are fast, lightweight and amazing. Most importantly, the designing parameter is responsive to the search engine. It makes your site visible, as a result of which, the site comes to the notice of a large number of visitors.

Increase the speed

The visitors as well as, the search engines tend to visit pages and portals which are speedy and well-performing. With a responsive web design, you can increase the speed. The design should be such that the least possible time is taken while building the page on its server. Most of the designs are PHP-based. Such sites which are PHP-oriented can become speedier, than before with the installation of APC, which is technically known as the Alternative PHP Cache. Secondly, by reducing and optimizing images, you can also add to the speed, and thus make sure that the data transfer takes place in an efficient manner.

Consult a professional designer

While designing your site, you have a number of means and options to consider. You may not know which to select. So, it is sensible to take the advice of a professional designer. The Website Design India will consider the nature of your business and help you out with a scheme that boosts the performance and profitability of your business by driving in traffic.