Are you using classified ads for the promotion of your business? They are effective for generating leads. You may end up by being in a state of shock if you come across many of those free ads. The qualities of some of those ads are weak. The presence of monotonous facts about the items that are put up for sale seems entirely unnecessary. A question may pop up in your mind about the relevance of providing so many details about a product.

Justification of prices by utilization of facts

To what extent you require to provide details may sometimes be very baffling. For some classified ads in India, you may need to put in a detailed format, while for others you may not need everything to be noted in minute details. As a general rule, the pricier the goods or services are, the more you will be required to justify them with numerous benefits.

Listing benefits in the ad

Let us take the instance of classified ads in India for a luxury car. You have to make a list of those advantages associated with such a luxury car. You have to write down that such type of cars are symbols of status and taking a ride in one of these cars will make you feel important.

Listing cheaper items for sale

Now let us imagine that you are placing a free classified ad for a cheaper item. In such a case, you will not be required to provide so many facts.

• Too much detail will cause annoyance

In fact, the potential buyers may be a bit annoyed if they see the extent of detailed coverage in these instances. Listing of dimensions of the book with too many details may irritate the readers to a great extent.

• Providing a general synopsis

On the other hand, you can just provide a general synopsis of the book along with some chapter headings so that the buyer is aware of what to expect from the book.

.Go through other people’s ad

It is always a good practice to read about other people’s ads. It is all the better if you can read about the same goods or services before penning down your own.

• Look out for mistakes made by others

Be on the watch for mistakes made by other writers. Make a conscious attempt to not repeat them.

• Decide the extent for yourself

Examine to what degree they have utilized the facts and benefits for selling those products. Now determine the limit in your case and work out how much is adequate for you.

Capable of attracting customers

For many small-scale business enterprises, these small ads can attract customers. Irrespective of the type of clients you want to motivate – local ones, who read in minute details or online savvy customers who are conversant with social media platforms, a few lines of text along with a catchy title will work the trick for you. These types of ads are gaining in more prominence in today’s digital world.

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