Many young businesses have great products and services but have trouble marketing. The trouble could be from lack of marketing knowledge or the business might not have a huge marketing budget. It can be easy to throw money at marketing or advertising without guarantee that it will work. The following are some basics that you should use to step up your marketing game for a new business.

Having a Blog

Not having a website is absurd for a business of any size in today’s world. Having a website without a blog is just as crazy. A blog can be a great resource for customers and potential customers. Try to make your blog as informative as possible so it can be used as a resource for years to come. Avoid trying to constantly sell with the posts you put on your blog. No reader wants to view a sales pitch in each blog post. They come for fresh, informative, and engaging content.

Doing Some SEO

Not ranking in the search engine for a specific term can cripple a business. Many businesses get quite a few leads and sales simply from internet searches. SEO for a business can be a full-time job so make sure to hire a guru or outsource this work. Some SEO companies are much better than others so make sure to read reviews on places other than their website. Also ask for a clear plan of how they will try to help you as some tactics can actually do more harm than good.

Grass Roots Marketing

Local businesses can do a great job marketing by pounding the pavement. Businesses in a college town should utilize this as college students will take anything handed to them like a flyer or even some kind of coupon. Do not utilize this tactic too much or your marketers could start being harassed or just lose favor from the public and be viewed as an annoying brand.

Attend Conferences

Attending industry conferences and expos is important in establishing name recognition for a business. Name recognition is quite important and your brand’s name could become synonymous with high quality. At these conferences people often give out free consults or product for customers to test. For example at bodybuilding expos there are generally multiple supplement companies that give out free samples. Some of these companies are new and trying to get their name out while others are household names. It is good to have your brand next to a household name in any industry.

Calendar Marketing

The use of online calendars to market is something that all businesses should take advantage of. All someone has to do is press an add to calendar button then they can keep updated on an event or meeting if the time changes. This can also help market an event by giving information or just by reminding people. For those businesses that host conferences or other events, calendar marketing is something you should definitely take advantage of.

As you can see it will take some time to have your marketing running at an optimum level. These are great places to start and watch your business grow!