You may have decided to put up your house on the listing for 2017 Irvine homes for sale. Furthermore, if you are still living in the home that you want to sell, showing it on a short notice can prove to be a challenge. However, this whole process can be eased with the points discussed below.

Invest In Storage Bins or Boxes

Even if your house is a little extra messy, all you need are some storage bins or boxes where you can just dump your mess for the time being. They can be put away neatly in the attic, basement or the extra room where you keep extra things.

First Impressions Matter The Most!

Keep your foyer or entrance clutter free. You may want to leave your coat stand, but don’t hang any coats on it, instead go for a trendy scarf or maybe a beautiful hat to add class and style. You can even spot a small table with a fresh bunch of flowers in a pretty vase. Get rid of extra shoes and dirty laundry in style, so they remain undiscovered.


Keep a close eye on the daily hygiene and cleanliness of the kitchen. The dishwasher should be ever ready. Brew some coffee in the coffee pot or you can just boil some orange peels and cinnamon in a pan for a natural air freshener. Once you have listed, your kitchen cupboards should always be ready for display with all the extra things thrown away and the rest of the things should be arranged properly. Clean counters and shelves and every visible space should be sparkling clean.

Common Living Areas

You need to focus on keeping your common living areas extra clean. Vacuuming carpets or polishing woods/tiles regularly is essential. The houses with pets need to be extra careful to get rid of that pet smell you are familiar to but your prospective buyer is not. You can even send your pet to a pet facility or at family or friend’s who would accept them whole heartedly. Also remove personal touches from the living areas like your photographs or your children’s trophies.


 Although you need to make some extra efforts in your master bedroom, you need to neutralize and impersonalize all the bedrooms and keep them clean. Fresh neutral colored bed sheets and few cushions can make them more appealing and attractive. Store away everything from magazines to toys in a bin or storage box and slide it under the bed.


Your vanity tops and shower shelves should be immaculately cleaned and they should sparkle. . There should be no grime on the mirrors and tiles and the mirrors should shine as well. When a prospective’s buyer is about to visit, quickly hand in some fresh towels. A scented candle can add even more class.

Make it Smell Fresh!

Another way to showcase your  homes for sale in Irvine on a short notice is to make the smell good. Instead going through the hassle of baking a batch of cookies, just heat up some vanilla, pumpkin, or similar extract and heat it up in the oven on the highest. In a little while, your whole house will be filled with heavenly, warm baking smells.