Do you guys save videos with youku?

Because youku is a Chinese video sharing site, there are many free software that does not support, and there are cases where you can not save movies. In addition, since there are few free macs of mac compared with Windows, it may be hard to find just the corresponding software.

If youku’s video is downloaded with free software, there are things involving degradation of image quality and sound quality, so we can not recommend saving movies with free software so much .

So, I’d like to recommend this time it is downloading movies with “DLX 2”.

What is DLX 2?

This time, DLX 2 which we introduce is mac compatible, it is a video downloader which is equipped with convenient functions in addition to high picture quality & high sound quality. 

In particular, the three functions introduced below are more convenient functions than free software.

① Breadth of corresponding site

DLX 2 is not only downloadable from overseas video sharing sites such as youku and toudu!

You can also save YouTube, Nico Nico video, FC2 video download widely. It is a nice place to download various videos with this one DLX 2 without changing the corresponding software for each video site.

② Movie file format can be freely converted

Videos saved in DLX 2 can be converted to mp 3 or mp 4 with the file conversion function in software. Since it can convert for iPhone, Android, tablet terminal you use, it is easy to carry downloaded videos.

In addition to easy operation DLX 2 comes with an operation manual, so it is easy to understand PC beginner’s set contents.

③ Recording movies on DVD / BD

I think whether there are more people watching videos on PCs and smartphones, but DLX 2 can also convert to DVD / BD.

Speaking of the merit of recording on DVD and BD, it is recommended for those who want to watch videos on big screen with home TV, and it is also possible to back up movies in the disc . Even if the PC suddenly breaks, if you have backup outside the PC, you can easily restore it. 

How do I Unblock and Watch Youku outside China?

Here is guide about how to unblock Youku & watch outside China;

You may Choose best VPN for China and Please check VPN IP services.

Install VPN App according to your MAC.

Must sign in with your account login info which given by VPN provider.

Select VPN protocols like SSTP , OpenvPN or IKEv2, etc.

Now you easily watch Youku videos and access it outside China.